segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

Silence that hurts

For the first time since I began this blog, I decided to write in English. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert but it is comprehensible because I have learned only two years and... almost thirty years ago. It doesn't matter. After some time out from these lines, I choose to return in English, just to enable to touch more people. Let us see what happens :-).
My silences are easily explained: work, work, work. There's no time left during week days. But today, as my wife's parents are visiting us, homework is downsized :-). That enabled me to think is some personal matters and... almost immediatly I remembered the American AFS student that we took care last year. After ten months of an interesting experience, she returned home and... never more wrote a word. We are very sad. Her silence hurts. What shall we do?

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